Friday, February 1, 2008

Winter work from Fall Studies

I began these paintings last fall, and just got a chance to put a bit more time into them. The first one, some beeches that live in my front yard, were glowing with a bit of sun, backdropped by fall colors of the woods. I found interest in the patterns of the bark, and the intertwining of the branches.

The next two were painted at Pickerel Lake, the first rather quickly on one of the last days of warmth in the fall. There was still a bit of color in the trees across the lake, I loved the drama that the sun makes early afternoon at that time of year.

The last one was started a couple years ago, and I just had to add a bit more to it to soften and expand the color range. Although I have thought it might be done before, I am more ready to submit to its completion now.