Thursday, August 19, 2010

Work Involved to finish my ArtPrize project!

Another ArtPrize Exhibition is drawing near! I have been working on mine since January- you can see the beginnings of it in an earlier post. (A short recap: my project is a group of 16 images, all to do with the idea of "The Tenacity of Nature" and deals with how nature makes it through man-made elements no matter how we pull, stomp and push back. And it's good.)

My ArtPrize this year will be at the Grand Rapids Art Museum! I have my paintings nearly complete, and now am concentrating on the frames, which have been built by a friend (who is a wood-worker) and now I'm hand finishing them by wrapping them in copper. This finishing touch should complete my statement. As when we lay down bricks, cement, roads and watch nature grow right through it, so we lay down copper and watch what nature does to it as well. In this case, I just need to help the copper along a wee bit. I am texturzing it (to make it have more of the machine look) and torching it- to make the color beneath have a more varied and subtle glow, and will be applying patinas as well.

I have a few photos here showing a bit about the stage it is in now. Although I have one prototype finished, I still need to continue working to get all 16 complete!