Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Tenacity of Life

The Strength of the Spirit of Nature:
Have you ever walked down a path, road or a sidewalk and noticed seedlings and plants trying to make their way through the barriers that mankind has constructed to keep them out? I have long observed and given these tiny bits credit for trying so hard to make it through anything that we put down! Of course I have been a perpetrator as well, and a puller of "weeds" or plant life in the wrong places, but still, I see beauty in the growth, and a tenacity of spirit for these seedlings, to push their way through and venture into life. There is something settling about the way the natural world eventually topples us, slowly, and efficiently, and with great strength of spirit!

At the moment I am working in Baton Rouge, where I have set up a little make shift studio and going on walks to find new and adventurous ways to realize that life continues.

The images you see are varied, a crack in the pavement, an anthill slowly wearing away the pavement in my driveway, A little flower making its way in what looks like no crack at all, a mixture of driveway cracks that have a multitude of life, and one just barely begun, a plant that found it's way up to a rooftop to insinuate itself on a garage!