Monday, March 1, 2021

Landscapes: Looking DownPaintings of the earth as man and nature has changed it

Myrtle on Sidewalk, pastel, 16"x24"

Flagpole, Cement, & Weeds, oil, 12"x12"

Blossoms, Eggshells, Pinecone & Twigs, oil, 12"x12"
Stripe, Weeds, & Twigs, oil, 12"x12"
Rusted, Cover, Weeds, and Stones, oil, 12"x12"
Cracks, Patches, Pebbles & Weeds, oil, 12"x12"

Flowers, Stripe & Weeds, oil, 12"x12"
Framed: Curb, Pebbles, Weeds & Patch, oil, 12"x12"

Cracks, Dried Leaf, Weeds & Twig, oil, 12"x12"

Dandelions & Anthills, pastel, 16"x24"

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