Monday, March 1, 2021

 Sculptural Paintings of Fungi

From my walks in the woods, I find so many beautiful fungi, mushrooms and lichen, that I just had to paint them- and then felt that the best way to paint them was to do it in a way that gives the feeling of seeing them in 3 dimensions.  I used cigar boxes, and I painted on them so that the landscape is joined and extended.  

Forest Decomposition Set, oil on Cigar boxes, 9"x20"x1"

Fungi, Trees & Forest Floor, oil on Cigar Box, 20"x10"x1"

Lichen and Moss on Pine and Oak, oil on cigar box, 9"x20"x1"

Fungi Box with Stems, oil on wooden box, 5x6x4"
Nose to Nose, oil on panel, 3.5"x4.5"

Blue Mushroom, oil on box, 4"x6"

Sweet Pipes, oil on box, 5"x6"

Long Legs, oil on box, 3"x2"

Umbrellas, oil on box, 3"x2"

Fungi Growing on Trees, oil on Box, 5"x6"x4"

Coral Spiral, oil on box, 3.5"x4.5"

Double Mushroom, oil on box, 4"x6"

Twisted Mushroom, oil on box, 5"x6"

Colorful Stripes on Twig, oil on box, 3"x2"

Candy Stripes, oil on box, 3"x2" 
Fungi Against Cloudy Sky, watercolor on paper, 7"x5"

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