Monday, March 1, 2021

Experiments with Copper Surfaces

In these paintings I have been playful, using oil, patinas, foils, etching and other techniques while working with the copper surface to find interesting colors and glow beneath it all.

Abode (Bonnard's Bath), Copper on Panel, 2 1/2"x4"

A place Far from Here, mixed media, 5"x7"

Night of the Deep Blue Sea, mixed media, 9"x7"

Cloud&Estuary, mixed Media, 4"x3"

Lily Pads in Late Fall, oil on copper, 12"x12"

Pine Tree in Front Yard, oil on copper, 10"x8"

Lily Pads Aged & Frayed, oil on copper,  6"x8"

Montana Mountain, oil on copper, 4"x6"

Lily Pads Tied together, Oil on copper, 12"x12"

Birch in Moonlight, oil on copper, 5"x4"

Three Red Trees on Back Hill, oil on copper, 5"x10"

Moon Bursting Through Clouds, oil on copper, 4"x6"

Single Golden Leaf, oil on copper, 4"x6"

London Tower Wall and Tree, oil on copper, 12"x9"


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