Monday, March 1, 2021

The Persistence of Life: Looking Closely at the ground
These paintings are about my feeling that we might cover the ground with asphalt or cement, but soon it doesn't take long for the plants to break through the layers and come to life.  I found myself looking at the ground in new ways, and celebrating the Tenacity of Life!

The Persistence of Life, group framed in copper

Emergence, oil on linen, 4ft. x4ft.
Cement, Stripe, Weeds, & Bit of Artist, oil, 12"x12"

Twig, Wood & Weed, oil, 12"x12"

1404 Hillcrest Weeds, oil on linen, 34"x48"

Concrete Heaving with Growth, oil on linen, 40"x48"

Flowers Triumph Thru Concrete, oil on linen, 40"x48"

Dandelion, Crack& Twigs, oil, 12"x12"

Storm Cover, Weeds & Detritus  oil, 12"x12"

Framed: Asphalt, Cement, Detritus & Weeds, oil, 12"x12"

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